Are You Looking For Volleyball Camps In Phoenix?


No Need To Search For ‘Volleyball Camps Near Me.’ We’ve Got You! Our volleyball camps in Phoenix are open to players from ages 6 to 18.


It doesn’t matter where your skill level is at. As long as you are passionate about the sport, we can help you develop or hone your skills.


Here’s a lowdown of OTL’s volleyball camps 2020.


  • Bumpers & Spikers (For ages six to 12). This is a volleyball camp for beginners and intermediate-level players. We will teach you the basics of the sport. This includes serving, digging, setting, blocking and spiking. An essential part of camp is making sure that it is conducted in a fun and supportive environment. We do not want anyone to feel discouraged or intimidated by the competitive nature of this sport.


  • SWEAT Camp (For ages 12 to 18). Are you an advanced player? Have you played for at least one year with a competitive club? This is the volleyball summer camp for you. You can expect high-intensity drills and volleyball-specific conditioning. We will teach you ball handling, game tactics, and other technical skills. We can also help you improve a particular skill.


  • D&O Clinics (For ages 16 to 18). Defense and offense are two of the most important things you need to learn in volleyball. If your goal is to be a stronger player, this intensive learning camp experience can help you. This has a smaller coach-to-player ratio. This allows us to focus more on the skills that need improving.


Other Volleyball Programs From OTL


We also offer the following programs throughout the year.


  • Drop-In Volleyball Training. This one-time session includes player evaluation, skills training and sports conditioning.


  • Lil Pepper Clinics. These are 90-minute clinics spread over four days. Parents and their little ones can play side-by-side. We teach simple skills that can be honed at home. This is ideal for kids aged five to 10.


  • Monthly Volleyball Training. This could be once or twice a week. We focus on skills training in a small group setting. This allows us to provide better attention to details and give immediate feedback. This is ideal for players aged 12 to 16, regardless of skill level.


  • Parent Clinics. Don’t let your daughters have all the fun. This clinic teaches parents the basics of the sport as well as rules of the game. Each session ends with an organized volleyball game. If you’ve been wanting to find out what happens in a girls’ volleyball camp, this is your chance.


What Are The Benefits Of Participating In A Summer Volleyball Camp Near Me?


Volleyball camps offer a great opportunity to gain a solid grasp of skills. It also allows more competitive players to improve and become better athletes overall. Because camps are intensive, you can develop your skills in a guided manner.


You can get tailor-fit advice on how to do things better. This is something that does not always happen with regular training.


The unique opportunity to expand your network is invaluable. You can learn from other players and forge life-long friendships on and off the court.


Want to learn more about our upcoming volleyball camps in Phoenix? Contact us now.