The OTL volleyball organization is going back to the roots of the true meaning behind the words On-The-Line.


OTL is a simple acronym for ON THE LINE. A phrase that is often heard in many athletic circles. Spilling from the mouths of coaches, this phrase sparks an internal cringe-like response from every athlete that has ever heard those dreaded words. In the world of competitive sports, poor performance often leads to consequences, many of which begin by getting on the line.


Unfortunately, most athletes come to understand the phrase “On The Line” as a demand from an angry coach to an underperforming team. The moment an athlete’s foot touches that line; they are preparing to do hard work. Preparing to give more than what they think is possible.


Work that wasn’t sufficient in a drill, route or an exercise is now expected, as they wait to hear the starting whistle.  If it were up to them, they wouldn’t be on the line, but the truth is, every athlete NEED’s to get on the line.  Athlete’s NEED to be challenged in order to grow and get better.


The basis for our foundation, as a volleyball organization that is focused on training, is to re-establish a new meaning for these three little words.  A meaning that will change the negative connotation of this phrase. I will submit to you that this simple phrase uttered, by both the best and worst of coaches, is less of a demand and much more of a call.


A call to RESILIENCY.  A call to turn adversity into opportunity!


This Phoenix Volleyball Club Teaches Athletes To Persevere And Never Give Up!


Challenging and difficult tasks begin in adolescence and make up a large portion of adult life. This is why sports are the ideal vessel to teach our youth about challenges and how to build resiliency in them.  We want our athletes to persevere and not give up.


Rookie athletes will step on that line with fear and uncertainty.  Veteran athletes will step on that line with strength and purpose.


The only difference between a rookie and a veteran is experience with challenges and being coached through the struggle.  An athletes’ desire to meet a challenge comes from their internal will to being better!


So, the true meaning behind the letters O.T.L. and our philosophy as a volleyball organization is to challenge our athletes to strive for excellence in everything they do!  We want our athletes to be “ALL IN” at every practice, in every drill, and during every repetition.


Sports and competition are not just about skills and talent. It is about teaching life lessons through training, hard work, team unity, and coaching.  We work to build resiliency in an age that is deprived of it, to better equip our athletes to face the challenges of life head-on, with a full heart and a real purpose!


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